Dilley, Texas - Teaser - 2019

Since 2017, we have been building close relationships with the citizens of the town of Dilley, Texas, which is home to the largest detention center for women and children in the United States. Our upcoming short film “Dilley, TX” focuses on the lives of these citizens and what life is truly like in a town that is so often in the news. Rather than focusing purely on the center, we wanted to see how that center affected not only the women and children in the center, but the Americans living in the adjacent town.

Asylum - Teaser - 2019

We met Glenda & her daughter Mailey in January of 2017, the day they left the South Texas Family Residential Center. We became close to them when they moved to our hometown of Chicago, and have been working with them ever since to tell their story of assimilation and the asylum process. Although it has not been simple for them, their lives have luckily remained far away from those we see in the news, and they offer us a nuanced perspective of being an asylum seeker in America.

Bank Street, School for Children, Auction

In a recent collaboration with one of our clients, The Bank Street School for Children, we put together a presentation exclusively to be filmed. The piece ultimately showcased how teacher training trickles down to the students themselves. This film was then used at an annual gala to raise of $60,000 in the 30 minutes that followed the screening. We are proud to support such a progressive institution.

the ocean tastes like braille, Art Basel 2016

In our first collaboration, we worked with author Gabriel Bump from the South Side of Chicago to put together a poetic documentary of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions in the summer of 2016. We contrasted his poetic writing with political imagery to show the dichotomy of that moment, and those that ensued, in our political history.

Portraits of Evanston, Trailer - April '18

This is a trailer for a short piece we did in collaboration with the YMCA in Evanston, IL. While teaching students how to direct documentary films focused on their family histories, we put together a 15-minute short piece that showcased interviews these students did with the parents. The initial piece was shown at the Evanston Arts Center in May of 2018. This is an ongoing project, as we continue to work with these students and their families.