Folio Films is an independent production company based in Chicago.  The company is born out of the collaboration between Alex Zimmer and Jeremy Handrup.  Our current work spans two different areas:


We have been producing and directing independent documentaries for the past three years, with our first collaboration being showcased at Art Basel in 2016.  We focus our work on pressing issues that tend to be sensationalized and simplified in the news.  Our goal is to bring audiences a nuanced and complex perspective on the issues that our society faces on a daily basis.  We do this through focusing on intimate stories that showcase the human side of stories that are often reduced to polarizing, political debates.  We currently have two short films in post-production, one series of short films in pre-production, and one feature length film in production.


When working with clients, we leverage our expertise as documentary filmmakers to tell compelling narratives that engage audiences in a deeper, more complex manner.  Together, and individually, we have worked with the Bank Street School of Education, Cooper & Cooper Real Estate, Airbnb and The Weather Channel. In today’s world saturated with media, we believe in translating this practice as independent storytellers and filmmakers to tell powerful narratives that help advance the mission of organizations and companies that we believe in.